Volume 1, Number 1 — October 2004

We have been in business almost 6 years now, and we would like to thank you all for your continued support. In September 2003, we expanded our business to include pet sitting, dog training, and minor fence repair. The pet sitting and dog training turned out to be very popular. In the last year, we also built several fences and repaired numerous gates and fence pickets. At the same time, we launched a website (www.WeScoopPoop.com) to better describe our services. We also opened a web store offering delivery of locally found pet supplies - with a concentration on pet food. We have saved you many a trip to the store. Now we will be adding even more services.

NEW - Yard Duty

In 2005, we are adding another service. We are excited to announce a brand new service called Yard Duty. Starting in March 2005, we are going to help you with yet another “Duty”. We will mow, edge, trim, your yards with no contract required!

You should have already gotten a door flyer describing it. This flyer included an individualized bid for your yard. In the event that you did not see your bid, just send us an e-mail and we will get it to you. We will distribute these door hangers again in November to those who have not already replied. These bids cover four basic services that will be provided each visit. These services are 1) mowing all grassy areas, 2) edging around your sidewalks and driveway, 3) trimming around yard obstacles and barriers, and 4) cleaning your driveway and sidewalks with a blower. You determine the frequency of our visits. Some of you will want to pay after each visit, while others might choose to pay monthly. We will even individualize a plan if you want to pay the same monthly amount year round.

We will also beat your current contract. Just show us your current landscaper’s contract, and we will beat it!

We can also perform many other yard related services including weeding, tree & hedge trimming, flowerbed maintenance, and sprinkler repair. These extra services will be performed during our regular visit or scheduled for a later date if time does not permit.

Your Dog Duty service will not be affected by adding Yard Duty. We will perform both services on the same day.

NEW - Solid Gold

We also just started stocking a pet health product line called Solid Gold. According to one of our customers, this food has stopped all his dog’s allergies in under a month! Solid Gold is a complete line of pet foods and supplements. You can get a wide assortment of pet health supplies. We plan to stock most of the dog food line and several of the vitamins. These can be found in our web store. If your do not find what you are looking for, then we can order any of the other products for you. Delivery of ordered items should take about a week. Please check out the full line of products at the company website (www.solidgoldhealth.com). Please send us an e-mail or give us a call to learn more.

NEW - Flint River Ranch

For those of you preferring all natural premium dog and cat foods, we became a distributor for Flint River Ranch (www.flintriver-home.com) pet food. We know many of you already have experience with Flint River Ranch because it was you who suggested that we become distributors. These pet foods are delivered right to your front door. We would love to help you place an order.

Referrals – FREE SERVICE

We have expanded our referral plan through the end of the year. Under normal circumstances, we reward you for sending a referral by giving you a free month of service. Through December 2004, all of your referrals will be cumulative. We will give TWO free months of service for your first referral, THREE free months for two referrals, FOUR free months for three referrals, and SIX free months for four referrals. Please help us grow our Dog Duty business, and we will save you some green around the holidays. Please forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested in our pooper scooper service.

If you happen to be a business owner or work for a local storefront, we invite you to become a flyer distribution center. We will furnish you with our flyers, and for each customer mentioning your location, we will reward you with either a free month of Dog Duty service or a free week of Yard Duty service.


With the holiday season nearing, we would like to remind you to e-mail or call us (512-423-DUTY) to relay your vacation plans. We would love to provide pet sitting if needed. If you are not leaving your animals, then we will know when to skip your house and can credit you accordingly.

As most of you know, we only take two vacations during the year. The first is around Thanksgiving and the other is over Christmas. We will not be providing service on Thursday, November 25th or Friday, November 26th. For the Christmas break, we will not be providing service from Wednesday, December 22nd through Tuesday, December 28th. You have a happy holiday too.


Lance Wayne Reichert (started 1/99) – is President and sole owner of Dog Duty, Inc. He wants to operate a company that is known for always treating customers the right way. “We take customer satisfaction very seriously around here.” He has been married 12 years and has a daughter, four, and a son, eleven months. He likes to do woodworking in the garage when he can.

Jake Lothringer (started 3/03) – grew up in California and then spent eight years in the military before moving to Austin. He likes to fish and play cards. He really likes the hours of his job with Dog Duty because it allows him to attend school in the evenings.

Marcie Zrubek (started 5/03) – is a single mom of two sons, fifteen and sixteen. She loves her job and really enjoys meeting her customers. She really likes to be around all the animals. She likes to belly dance and play video games in her spare time.

Joel Vaughan (started 1/04) – grew up in the South and has two grown kids. The thing he like most about his job is getting to visit with the dogs and customers on a regular basis. He is a certified mechanic and fixes furniture on the side. In his spare time, he loves to go fishing.

Pam Dealing (started 3/04) – is a single mom of a daughter, nine, and a son, eight. She has two dogs named Max and Montana. The thing she loves most about working for Dog Duty is that she gets to know all the dogs on her route. Dogs bring her a lot of joy. This spring, she will be attending ACC to work on her degree in Culinary Arts.

Rene Cullor (started 5/04) – was born and raised in Texas and has been around animals all her life. She loves spending time with all her own animals (five dogs, three birds, and one cat). Her favorite part of her job is getting to visit with all the dogs on her route each week.

Pets: Lost and Found

We wanted to try to provide a game plan to follow if you happen to find a stray animal or your pet runs away. If your pet is missing, here are several ideas you might find helpful. You need to get the word out as quickly as possible because time is of the essence. Call the animal shelters in your area and physically check them daily because your description over the phone may not be adequate to accurately identify your pet. Lost pets are brought into the shelter around the clock, so you need to check them daily. You have three days to find your pet at a shelter before it is either adopted or put to sleep. Post a waterproof picture and description around your neighborhood, but remember to meet callers at a neutral location in case they are not on the up and up. You can place an ad in the “lost” section of the paper and remember to check the “found” section daily. Remember to call the local vets because people may call there to inquire about a found animal. If you have lost your cat, you might check nearby trees at night with a flashlight. If your cat has gotten stuck in a tree, you can catch a glimpse of retina reflection from its eyes with your flashlight. You can also put outside something with your cat’s scent on it like a blanket or the litter box. Another place to check for stuck cats is in storm drains. Your best defense against losing your pet is to tag it. Adding your phone number is crucial to locating your pet quickly. Other good advice here is to never remove your pet’s collar when washing because you might forget to replace it.

The process is very similar if you find a stray animal. If the animal is probably not someone’s pet, say a possum, raccoon, skunk, snake, or vicious looking dog, then you might want to just call Animal Control in your area. They will send someone to remove the animal saving you from getting hurt. If you find what you think is someone’s pet, then you first should check for a tag so you can call the owner. You might next want to check with your neighbors, look for lost pet flyers, or hang some flyers yourself. You might want to call the nearby vets to report what you found. If you want to follow through, hoping to eventually find the owner, then you might place an ad in the paper. If you just want the pet removed, then call the appropriate shelter based on where you live.

Here are some of the local numbers. If you live in Travis County, you should use the Town Lake Animal Shelter. They get a huge number of animals in daily, so check it often. Good luck!

Williamson County Humanes Society – (512) 260-3602
Leander Animal Control – (512) 259-6495
Cedar Park Animal Control – (512) 258-3149
Georgetown Animal Shelter – (512) 930-3592
Round Rock Animal Control – (512) 255-7387
Williamson County Animal Control – (512) 943-1389
Town Lake Animal Shelter – (512) 972-6045

We will never intentionally disclose any personal identification information about you as an individual user (such as, for example, your full name, street address, telephone number, credit card number or e-mail address) to any third party without having received your permission.  Your e-mail address will not be sold, rented, leased, loaned, bartered, made public or shared with anyone or any company.

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