Application of Chess Theory by Yeffim Geller

By Yeffim Geller

Yefim Geller has been one of many world's finest grandmasters during the last 4 many years, in which time he has tested a name as being the prime Russian authority on beginning thought. during this annotated selection of his personal video games, Geller indicates the sensible merits of a legitimate realizing of starting strategy.

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For example, after Qc7 White's 9 f4 a5 10 a4 Nb4 1 1 Be3 actions are restricted, and Black prepares the counter . . d5. 9 • • • 16 N x c5 In this way White deprives the black knights of their excellent post at cS. At this point I realized that Pi1nik was no longer the Q-side, thinking of playing actively on Be6 and had gone totally onto the defensive. 10 Bf3 According to Tarrasch "the bishop at always stands badly", f3 16 . . 17 Qel 18 Bdl but otherwise the be advanced to dS. For this reason I once played 9 f3, and met 9 .

And has in following main e x d4 Kc5 2 1 . . K X e5 allows a pure mate by 22 Qc7. much later, after a vast amount of research magazines. It is d x e5 Kd6 Qd4 Or 19 . . Kc5 20 Rd5 + e x d5 21 Q X d5 + that things were bad for Black, and diverged their prepared Be3 + 17 Kh1 d X e5 1 8 Q x e5 Bd4 19 Nd5 + Q x d5 20 Qc7 + . fails to 15 B X e5 and 16 Qg6 + , while 14 . . from Ke7 Qb6 + continuation : Nc6 Resigns 23 . . b X c6 is met by 24 Qa5 + Kc4 . 14 0-0 + Kg8 1 5 g6 Rg7 16 Rf7 B X h4 1 7 25 b3 mate.

9. 10 Nbd2 11 ... 12 b4 c6 14 Rcl Black was hoping for a piece sacrifice -14 c5 d x c5 14 d6 b5 followed by . . c x b4, 22 Game No. 10 which would have given him three pawns and counter-play. Besides, in the variation similar to that which occurred in the game, I did not see how after 14 c5 d x c5 15 b x c5 c x d5 16 e x d5 N X d5 1 7 Ne4 N X e3 1 8 R X e3 (18 NX/6+ NX/6) 18 . . Bg7 19 Rd3 Re7 I could exploit the pin on the d-file. Thus on 20 Nd6 Black simply replies 20 . . N x c5 21 N x c8 Q X c8, and the threat of 22 .

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