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By Brian Driscoll, Robert Vettor

Entity Framework 6 Recipes offers an exhaustive choice of ready-to-use code recommendations for Entity Framework, Microsoft's model-centric, data-access platform for the .NET Framework and ASP.NET improvement. With this ebook, you are going to study the center strategies of Entity Framework via a huge variety of transparent and concise strategies to daily information entry projects. Armed with this event, you may be able to dive deep into Entity Framework, test with new techniques, and strengthen how you can clear up even the main tricky information entry demanding situations. while you are a developer who loves to research through instance, then this is often the perfect booklet for you.

  • Gives ready-to-use, real-world recipes that can assist you with daily projects
  • Places robust concentrate on DbContext and the Code First procedure
  • Covers new positive aspects resembling Asynch question and shop, Codebased Configuration, Connection Resiliency, Dependency solution, and masses extra

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Requires("EmployeeType"). HasValue(1)) . Map(m => m. Requires("EmployeeType"). HasValue(2)); } observe Nonshared homes (for instance, wage and salary) should have nullable varieties. the way it Works In desk in step with hierarchy inheritance, usually abbreviated TPH, a unmarried desk is used to symbolize the full inheritance hierarchy. not like desk in line with sort inheritance, the TPH rows for the derived kinds in addition to the bottom style are intermingled within the similar desk. The rows are unusual through a discriminator column. In our instance, the discriminator column is EmployeeType. In TPH, mapping stipulations, that are set in entity configuration, are used to point the values of the discriminator column that reason the desk to be mapped to different derived kinds. We marked the bottom variety as summary. by means of marking it as summary, we didn’t need to offer a situation for the mapping simply because an summary entity can’t be created. we'll by no means have an example of an worker entity. We didn't enforce an EmployeeType estate within the worker entity. A column utilized in a isn't, typically, mapped to a estate. The code in directory 2-25 demonstrates placing into and retrieving from our version. directory 2-25. putting into and Retrieving from Our TPH version utilizing (var context = new EF6RecipesContext()) { var fte = new FullTimeEmployee { FirstName = "Jane", LastName = "Doe", wage = 71500M}; context. staff. Add(fte); fte = new FullTimeEmployee { FirstName = "John", LastName = "Smith", wage = 62500M }; context. staff. Add(fte); var hourly = new HourlyEmployee { FirstName = "Tom", LastName = "Jones", salary = eight. 75M }; context. staff. Add(hourly); context. SaveChanges(); } utilizing (var context = new EF6RecipesContext()) { Console. WriteLine("--- All staff ---"); foreach (var emp in context. staff) { bool fullTime = emp is HourlyEmployee ? fake : precise; Console. WriteLine("{0} {1} ({2})", emp. FirstName, emp. LastName, fullTime ? "Full Time" : "Hourly"); } Console. WriteLine("--- complete Time ---"); foreach (var fte in context. staff. OfType()) { Console. WriteLine("{0} {1}", fte. FirstName, fte. LastName); } Console. WriteLine("--- Hourly ---"); foreach (var hourly in context. staff. OfType()) { Console. WriteLine("{0} {1}", hourly. FirstName, hourly. LastName); } } Following is the output of the code in directory 2-25: --- All staff --- Jane Doe (Full Time) John Smith (Full Time) Tom Jones (Hourly) --- complete Time --- Jane Doe John Smith --- Hourly --- Tom Jones The code in directory 2-25 creates, initializes, and provides full-time staff and an hourly worker. at the question facet, we retrieve all the staff and use the is operator to figure out what kind of worker we have now. We point out the worker kind once we print out the employee’s identify. In separate code blocks, we retrieve the full-time staff and the hourly staff utilizing the OfType<>() strategy.

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